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Logo & Design Portfolio

Tools: Procreate | Adobe Illustrator

Timeline: 1.5 Weeks

These logos were for stand-up comedian Justin Tietjen, based on some of his jokes.


Identity Guard Mascots: Surelock and I.D.A.

Tools: Procreate | Adobe Photoshop

Timeline: 1 Week

This was a character concept design based on 2 different UX projects created by friends of mine. Both Surelock and I.D.A. (Identity Assistant) are names of A.I. chatbot features for a conceptual design project, created for the company "Identity Guard". These characters were inspired by Law and Order, Bladerunner, and other sci-fi movies and shows.


The Cosmonauts Sketch Comedy

Tools: Procreate | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

Timeline: 1.5 Weeks

This logo was a redesign/update of the old logo for "The Cosmonauts Sketch Comedy Group" which also featured an "astronaut dog". This project was extra special because prior to moving to NYC, I joined the group when I lived in AZ!


CoolKid Chronicles Podcast

Tools: Procreate | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

Timeline: 1.5 Weeks

This logo created for the "CoolKid Chronicles" podcast was inspired by early-to-mid-'90's aesthetic, as well as the grassy wall backdrop the host has in their apartment.


Just a Phase Album Cover

Tools: Procreate

Timeline: 2 Weeks

This album cover was created for comedian Eric Neumann's comedy album. It was a collaboration between myself, Eric, and his management team.

Just a Phase

FB3E Consulting Services

Tools: Procreate | Adobe Illustrator

Timeline: 1 week

This logo design for FB3E Consulting Services was my first project, where I had the opportunity to work closely with the lead consultant to create their current logo.

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