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AZ Born.
NY Based.
UX Designer and Illustrator.

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Hi! I’m Dan Amaro,

and I am a UX Designer with a background in illustration, audio production, and 10 years in the hospitality industry.

I’m originally from the desert in Arizona, where I grew up drawing in notebooks and playing music.

My passion for music eventually became an Associate’s Degree in Audio Production, where I melded creative design with technology, and developed an improved sense of process management.

Desert Trees

Eventually, I moved to New York City, to pursue creative inspiration and purpose. In 2020, I reignited my passion for visual art and started freelance illustrating. This is where I became adept in visual design using multiple design programs, implementing principles like color theory and composition to create art and branding.

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These competencies, combined with team delegation, time management, and interpersonal communication skills acquired in the hospitality industry, have honed my ability to work creatively with people at many levels to solve problems.

Image by Sigmund

Although these industries seem different, they all encourage my desire to understand people and deliver memorable experiences, be it through a romantic dinner, a song to dance to, or a portrait of loved ones.

As a UX Designer and an Artist, I am always seeking creative opportunities to discover new experiences as a way to achieve new insights, ask new questions, and create new goals that will culminate in products designed to make businesses and lives even better.

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